Jamil Naqsh

We would like to offer you, 
A spectacular, catalogued JAMIL NAQSH oil on canvas painting.
Executed in London in the year 2006, it is from his more well-known 'Woman and Pigeon' series,
titled Figure with pigeon II. This painting is catalogued in Jamil Naqsh's retrospective exhibition in London. 
This is a superior work, by a grand master, large-size, figurative work. Absolutely stunning. 
The painting is mounted and framed and occupies, probably a whole wall. 
Jamil Naqsh's most famous work, this painting was the London exhibition cover piece, a magazine cover 
and this is a catalogued work.
The stunning colours of the work , cobalt blue and fuchsia, combine to give this work a synergy that captivates its voyeur and leaves an ever lasting impression. It is huge in size, further magnifying the impact that this show stopper has. The size is 3 feet by 4 feet, oil on canvas, and comes with all documents provided by the gallery and by the late master artist Jamil Naqsh himself.
It is an all time masterpiece as one of the greatest investments, and an eventual blue chip. Rarely is a Jamil Naqsh of this size, scale, year, detail available. We are attaching all documents and the gallery will give its own letter of authenticity also. The work is at Unicorn Gallery and can be viewed there, we are attaching a video of the work.
The master artist passed away in 2019. This is the cover piece of his retrospective exhibition selected by the artist himself from his entire collection. The fame of this work also made it the cover piece of a magazine publication attached and featured prominently in a catalogue too. Jamil Naqsh is the most well known master artist of Pakistan. He lived in London. His death left a void in Pakistani art scape that cannot be filled. 
"In Pakistan he is probably most loved for his images of pigeons, or of women and pigeons combined. These birds have a deep personal meaning for him”  says  Art Historian, Critic and Writer Edward Lucie-Smith. "Naqsh re-absorbs Ingres, and re-forges links to the sensuous, erotic tradition that plays so large a part in Mughal miniature painting."
It’s a showstopper all documents are available as well as the original card, artist letter, certificate printed by the gallery for Naqsh exhibition, as this magnificent painting was the cover piece. Painting signed in front & reverse.
EMAIL: info@unicorngalleryblog.com

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