Discover Pakistan's Art History from 1947 to 1997 in this exclusive History of Art Intensive program led by Soraya Sikander at Unicorn Gallery. This unique 4 week intensive at Unicorn's Lahore branch covers the predecessors of Modern Art: Ustad Allah Bux, Abdur Rahman Chughtai. The early modernist painters, who can be credited as the pioneers of modernism movement in Pakistan: Zubeida Agha, Shakir Ali, Ahmed Parvez, Sadequain and the modernists who paved the way for abstraction: Bashir Mirza, Zahoor Ul Akhlaq.

This is a unique, one of its kind, complete course on Pakistani Art. Ideal for those seeking to write on Pakistani Art, Critics, Curators, Art Historians, Collectors, or just anyone interested in Pakistani Art. All levels welcome. no prior training necessary. to book your slot, register now! Call +92 333 3326308

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